Case studies

On this page you can find a sample of my work. More details to come soon.

Creating a new website for volunteer projects and roles

Role: Lead UX Researcher

Research methods: Concept testing, usability testing, interviews, surveys

Research type: Exploratory and evaluative UXR

Company: Code for America - Hack for LA

Re-design of a website for a large B2B company

Role: UX Researcher

Research methods: Concept testing, interviews

Research type: Exploratory and iterative UXR

Company: Workday

Development of a new methodology to track organized crime

Goal: Track the spread of criminal organizations in Brazil and identify their impact on violence rates across time and space

Role: Lead Researcher

Research methods: Literature review, data analysis, interviews

Research type: Doctoral dissertation

Institution: Johns Hopkins University

Violence prevention in the Caribbean

Goal: Evaluate a program for at-risk youth and their families in 3 Caribbean countries

Role: Researcher

Research methods: Literature review, data analysis, surveys, interviews, focus groups

Research type: Impact evaluation

Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Police reform in Mexico

Goal: Identify the roadblocks for the implementation of police certification in each Mexican state

Role: Researcher

Research methods: Interviews

Client: U.S. Department of State

Violence prevention in Oakland, CA

Goal: Conduct a landscape analysis of the Latino population in the city of Oakland to inform violence prevention policies

Role: Research Lead

Research methods: Data analysis, interviews, focus groups

Client: City of Oakland (CA) - Department of Violence Prevention